[Policy] SB 1084 update + thank you

We also want to share an important success story resulting from FNPS engagement in the legislative process. A bill that would have allowed state-owned conservation lands located within the Florida Wildlife Corridor to be sold back into private ownership, while simply retaining a conservation easement designed to promote agricultural usage of the lands, was inserted into SB 1084 THE NIGHT BEFORE IT WAS TO BE DEBATED by the Senate Appropriations Committee and Agriculture, Environment and General Government.

This last-minute move did not allow sufficient time for us to mobilize our members with an Action Alert, though we did send out an email and make social media posts with the letter we submitted explaining FNPS' objections to the so-called "Surplus Lands" provisions. Despite this tight turnaround, your Policy Committee members and several highly-motivated members (thank you Adam Arendell, Yvonne Beckman, Keith Spencer, and CeCe Friskey!) made phone calls to the members of the Senate Committee. The Senators and their staff recognized the validity of our concerns and responded by withdrawing the offending language from the bill.

Your participation in the legislative process, via participation in our Action Alerts, has helped make FNPS a recognized leader in conservation advocacy in a place where that recognition can be most impactful - within the Florida Legislature!

For the next several weeks, please continue to watch your inbox for Action Alerts. The Legislative Session is not yet over, and we may need the heft your voices add to our advocacy. Our effectiveness is dependent on your participation!

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