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Finding Native “Apples” in Florida

The Story of a Field Trip Leader who Just Wouldn’t Give Up By Sande Habali Native “Apples” in Florida!  “Apples” in Volusia County?  Thanks to the dedication of our intrepid field trip leader, Sonya Guidry, the two year search for the endangered Harrisia fragrans is over!  Pawpaw chapter members located a Prickly “apple” orchard in southern Volusia County! Sonya and I first met Dr. Jon Moore from Florida Atlantic University, Wilkes Honor College , where he presented a paper on the Prickly Apple at the 2012 FNPS Conference in Plant City. His research paper was entitled " Transplantation of the Endangered Fragrant Prickly Apple Cactus,  Harrisia fragrans, in St. Lucie and Indian River Counties ." He explained the scrub habitat and conditions of its survival historically and that it exists now in St Lucie and Brevard County coastlines. He mentioned it could “possibly” be found in Volusia County and gave Sonya the coordinates. When he said it would be “hard to find”