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The Native Plant Conservation Campaign – 2015 Achievements

The Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) is proud to be one of many native plant societies in the United States affiliated with the Native Plant Conservation Campaign (NPCC).  In 2015, I was honored to attend NPCCs first conference call with representatives from native plant societies across the United States.  It was inspiring to hear the passion in people’s voices as they described their plant conservation projects and endeavors. The following is a summary of achievements for 2015 that was written by Emily Roberson, the Director of the Native Plant Conservation Campaign. Enjoy! Juliet Rynear FNPS Conservation Committee Chair Florida's scrubs provide many ecosystem services including habitat for a wide range of wildlife. 2015 was an historic year for plant conservation in the United States – and for the Native Plant Conservation Campaign! The Native Plant Conservation Campaign celebrated several milestones: We held our inaugural NPCC conference call bringing t