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Member Feature: Peter Grannis, Martin County Chapter

Interviewed by Valerie Anderson Peter Grannis is the current Treasurer of the Martin County Chapter and attended the Mandarin Board and Council Meeting in February of 2020. We got a chance to chat a little on the Sunday hike at Julington Durbin Preserve where I filmed him quickly . I interviewed him today since he's such an interesting character. VA: How did you get into native plants? PG: The linear story is: My first love was birding, which I pursued intensively many years. This love was inspired by my Mom. Studied environmental biology in college alongside my technology degree, just because of birds. New Jersey has some really good people in the birding world which led to other environmentalist connections. Dianna and I met other birding friends focused on butterflies, with appreciation for plants and habitats. The people who knew plants were lots of fun, and when Dianna and I moved to Florida, we found the same kind of folks and connected with them. So h