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What it's like to adopt a highway by Janina Shoemaker of Sea Rocket Chapter

Sea Rocket Chapter, North Brevard County, held our first Adopt-a-Highway litter pickup with a crew of four, Saturday, October 20, along Columbia Blvd (a major 4-lane to the Space Coast) in 77-80 F weather, (warm but not too humid). We collected a ton (*) of paper, plastic, and some metal trash in under 3 hours, totaling 12 volunteer hours for the society.  Litter Crew: David Humphrey, Janina Shoemaker, and Jim Robey The team considered this a trial learning experience and found that a single sweep of four abreast was more efficient than two pair working both shoulders. We discovered a gopher tortoise meandering along the highway, but also found the remains of a deer and an armadillo, stripped to the bones. Our area of pickup was both sides of the road, in some places about ten feet wide, and in others, a wider expanse past culverts up to fence lines. We noted many native species growing, healthy green-ways, preventing run-off. (The median is NOT included, DOT rules.) 

Gardening with Natives Open Forum by Carolyn Gregsak

The Mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society presented its first meeting of the season on October 9 at Lemon Bay Park in Englewood. More than two-dozen guests were in attendance at the Open Forum, a framework for an interactive, question/discussion session, between the audience and 4-person panel, concerning gardening with native plants in this area of SW Florida. Several first-time attendees were present and we look forward to seeing them throughout the coming season.    The panel consisted of four members of the Mangrove Chapter: Bonnie Moore, Linda Wilson, Al Squires, and Gail Finney. Several questions, submitted prior to the meeting, brought the audience and panel into the full spirit of discussion and debate. Some of the most enthusiastic debate revolved around planting non-native plants with native plants, soil composition, and soil amendments.    Meeting adjournment at eight o’clock seemed to arrive too soon, and many guests lingered to share their comments.

Bank with Natives in Steinhatchee by Jaya Milam

Big Bend Chapter completed a native plant conversion for our local Citizens State Bank .  We transformed the garden beds from all non-native to all native ! The bank's managers were delighted with the results. They were very pleased to know that there is very low maintenance and the garden beds will shine with natural beauty most of the year! Through this project we were able to share much information regarding the quality and sustainability of going native with many in our community that go past our beautiful Native transformations and get to enjoy the natural beauty.  We were provided the privilege to put our Big Bend Chapter Sign discretely in the corner of each flower bed to encourage folks to consider native when gardening at their home or business facility.  We have received numerous compliments and commendations from many customers and folks just passing by....Go Native, it’s contagious!