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Would you be interested in a book on living shorelines for Florida's saltwater and estuarine systems?

Building living shorelines can help Florida's declining water quality, and my co-authors and I are trying to determine the interest level and need for a book on this topic. The book would be useful for homeowners both on and off the water, landscape designers and architects, marine contractors, sustainability personnel, native plant enthusiasts, and anyone interested in how living shorelines function.   Please help! We'd like to know if you are interested in a book about LIVING SHORELINES FOR FLORIDA. In the comments, please be specific about your interest, and why. For example, answer "YES, (or no), because..."   The book would focus on salt-water/estuarine systems, but would also include conceptual information on freshwater ponds.   Chapters would include information on mangroves, living shoreline plants, oyster reefs, how living shorelines concepts can work for you even if you live on a canal, and basic "how-to" information. There will even be information