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Who Will Be A STAR Chapter?

Everyone in your FNPS chapter is a winner when you encourage Landscape Awards applications submissions from your region.  Help People Showcase the Beauty of their Florida Native  Landscapes… That’s why we are members of FNPS, right? Native plants bring life to this landscape! Here’s all you do… Check out the categories and criteria for the 2016 Landscape Awards . Select a landscape or two in your area to represent your chapter. Get moving – the deadline is March 18th. . Here’s what is in it for you… STAR Chapter recognition at FNPS Annual Conference in Daytona Beach May 19-22. Prestigious local press release promoting your chapter. Esteemed recognition in FNPS publications and website. Increase your odds of success… Print out the first two pages of the Landscape Awards application (back-to-back on the same sheet of paper) and create awareness by distributing to local organizations including: Chapter meetings and events Garden Centers Elementa

Do the Right Thing: Plant Natives

By Donna Bollenbach When the concept of recycling first came up in my community I knew it was the right thing to do, but it meant that I had to spend more time sorting the trash, nagging my husband and children to put items in the right bins, and carry more containers down to the curb. We weren’t perfect at first, but like changing any habit, it took practice and commitment. Now our recycle bin fills up far faster than our garbage bin, and I feel good that I am doing the right thing. I even encourage others to recycle. Inherently, I feel most people want to do the right thing. But like my commitment to recycling, doing the right thing oftentimes requires us to break old habits, which is not easy. But once we make the change, we usually feel good about it. Sometimes we even convince others to change as well. That’s what I’m hoping to do with you right now, but this change isn’t about recycling, it’s about planting native . Floridians are in love with exotic plants. Their yards

CPR of Florida's native plants and native plant communities

by FNPS Conservation Committee Policy Statements Conservation   FNPS resolves that the preservation and perpetuation of the unique genetic diversity within and among Florida’s native plant populations and plant communities is our highest priority.  Activities that endanger this genetic diversity are in direct conflict with the society's goal of preservation of native plant species in their natural habitats. Preservation The preservation and perpetuation of native plant communities is our highest priority.  Restoration of disturbed lands and the encouragement of the use of native plants for landscaping are important  secondary goals .  However, restoration must not be considered as a desirable or an equal alternative to preservation.  Be it affirmed then:  FNPS is, dedicated to the identification, preservation and understanding of native plant communities. FNPS organizes native plant sales across the state so people can add more natives to their landscapes. Re

Add Native Plants to Your Landscape

by Donna Bollenbach A few years ago my parents decided that they could no longer keep up with the maintenance of their home. They moved in with my sister, and asked my husband and I if we would like to live in their house. As we were between homes, we accepted. The move from a country home on a two wooded acres to a suburban home on a 1/3-acre lot with a tropical landscape was quite a change for us. We missed our native trees and shrubs and all the wildlife they attracted. The tropical vegetation was pretty, but had very little attraction for the wildlife.   We joined the Florida Native Plant Society Shortly after moving, we joined the Suncoast Native Plant Society . We learned that the native plants we took for granted in our rural home attracted more wildlife because they preferred natives for food and shelter. In our rural landscape we had very little grass, but lots of oaks, longleaf pines, beautyberry, firebush, pokeweed, dewberry, holly, sweetbay, Carolina willow