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Meet FNPS Board Members

Melanie Simon, Director and Chair of the Council of Chapters Melanie is a lifetime member and has been with us since 2015. Melanie pledged to help match the first $10k of donations to our 2022 Annual Fund Drive. We asked her a few questions. What attracted you to join FNPS? I started volunteering at my local state park around 2001 and started working with the park biologist and learning about native plants.  In 2015 I learned they may be starting an FNPS chapter in my area - with meetings and activities close enough to attend.  Tell us your fondest native plant memory. Helping a newbie at a plant rescue find and laboriously dig up the huge root of an endangered Scrub Buckwheat ( Eriogonum longifolium var gnaphalifolium ). What's your favorite plant joke? Why couldn't the gardener plant any native plants? She hadn't botany. Tim Keating, Director Tim has been a member since 2020 and is a new board member this year. Tim joined the board and staff in putting up a match for the