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Florida's Wild Panhandle: A Photo Essay

The Florida Native Plant Society 2010 Conference is fast approaching. Last month I had the incredible good fortune to to participate in a a scintillating seven-day field trip covering vast portions of Florida’s panhandle, and led by one of the dedicated environmentalists who will be speaking at the conference. That would be Dr. Bruce Means, author of Priceless Florida , who lead our group over, under, around, and INTO longleaf pine forests, remnant hardwood forests, steephead ravines, crystal clear springs, and several kinds of muddy bogs. And let me tell you that neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail stopped us. Well, neither rain nor cold anyw ay! In fact my enduring memory of this trip will be an image of our intrepid leader, standing just inside some freezing cold, or knee-deep wet, or ridiculously steep place, and waving his arms enthusiastically at us lingerers, while shouting, “Come on, come on! There’s something here I’ve GOT to show you!!”