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The Palmetto Award nomination deadline is near!

Anne Cox presenting Marjorie Shropshire with a Green Palmetto Award at our 2016 Annual Conference It’s the time of year to nominate deserving people for a Palmetto award! At the Annual Conference, the Florida Native Plant Society bestows various awards to members and Chapters for their contributions to our mission.  The Palmetto awards were established in 1984 by Sherry Cummings, Palm Beach Chapter (then FNPS President), to further the mission of the Florida Native Plant Society by encouraging and acknowledging the contributions to conservation of natural areas and native plants, and educating to these objectives. HOW TO SUBMIT A NOMINATION Identify the award for which you are submitting the nomination Service/education, Science, Mentor, or Outstanding chapter of the year. Provide the name of the individual or chapter that you wish to nominate. In narrative format, provide an explanation of at least 150 words in length that explains what the individual or chapter has done to merit this