[Press Release] Sun City Center Receives Landscape Award

Melbourne, FL – The Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) has designated October as “Native Plant Month.” During October, local society chapters host talks and hikes to natural areas to promote native plant communities and the environmental benefits to wildlife. In that educational spirit, FNPS created a landscape award program open to homeowners, businesses, government agencies, HOA’s, and community groups. FNPS received 19 applications for the 2023 landscape award cycle. Applicants across Florida had the opportunity to showcase their landscaped project and to highlight their garden.

Among the 19 applicants, a local winner for the “Garden of Excellence” was selected. The vibrant retirement haven, Sun City Center was chosen for its continuing restoration of 37 acres of pine flatwoods connecting North Lake to Cypress Creek. In 2015, members of the local chapter of the Audubon Society stepped up to assume stewardship of the property, which is owned by the homeowner’s association. The applicant described the inspiration for the landscape as “an opportunity to not only restore some of the native plant species, but to encourage senior citizens to get outside, enjoy nature and learn about real Florida and native plant species.” Their goal is to “share” the nature trails with Sun City residents and encourage the use of native plants in resident’s yards to promote species diversity.

“The creativity to raise funds by Audubon members and community residents to restore this site is amazing to see,” said Lynda Davis, FNPS Executive Director, “they are promoting the use of native plants and educating the residents at the same time.”

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