[ACTION ALERT] Help preserve the ability of local governments to prevent water pollution

The Florida Legislature made a back-room, midnight-hour deal with TruGreen to rob local governments of the authority to enact ordinances that prevent the misuse of fertilizers on lawns. We have very little time to convince Governor DeSantis he needs to veto this offensive provision so counties and cities will still have the autonomy to prevent pollution in their own backyards.

Ask Governor DeSantis to veto the provision to SB 2502 (“Back of the Bill” provisions, Section 85, Lines 2455-2460) that would preempt local governments from adopting or amending fertilizer ordinances. If the “back of the bill” part of that sounds strange or fishy to you, that’s because it is. This provision was added in the closing days of the session, late on Sunday night, without any committee debate, public input, or staff analysis of the potential impact.

Our springs, rivers and estuaries are choking on excessive nutrients. Nutrient pollution imposes large and measurable economic and quality-of-life impacts on our communities. It kills the seagrasses and other submerged aquatic vegetation many wildlife species (e.g., manatees) depend on for food and to meet other habitat needs.

Maybe your city or county is one of the 117 local governments that have already adopted an ordinance to manage fertilizer applications to turf grass. Or maybe your county or city would like to adopt such an ordinance. The legislature is trying to steal that authority away from every local government in the state to help pad TruGreen’s bottom line.

Let the Governor know:
  • Fertilizer ordinances may be the most cost-effective way to reduce nutrient pollution.
  • Research has determined these ordinances do not result in nutrient-starved lawns.
  • It is contrary to his clearly-stated commitment to address Florida’s water quality crisis.
  • If your county or city is one of those that has adopted an ordinance of its own; or
  • If your county or city is considering the adoption of a fertilizer ordinance; and
Ask him not to deny local governments the ability to be part of the solution to Florida’s water quality woes. We have very little time to act, so please email or phone the Governor’s office as soon as possible.

850-717-9337 GovernorRon.DeSantis@eog.myflorida.com


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