2022 Annual Fund Appeal


"This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land, and Native Plants Are Meant for You and Me" - Mark Kateli

Conservation. Preservation. Restoration. What do they mean for the future of Florida? What do these words really mean to you? Many decades ago, these questions were answered as if by premonition. Unaware of the staggering growth that Florida would experience, a group of grassroots plant enthusiasts formed our organization and gave their voices to our precious plants. By sharing their love of natural Florida to newcomers, they grew from a chorus of a few, to a symphony of many that tangibly amplified the native plant priority. The Florida Native Plant Society was precedent setting.

WE DEPEND ON YOU. Florida Native Plant Society is YOUR Society. Your gift of $100 or more can help make a difference today. Please help us reach our goal of $50,000 or more for this appeal.

Our chapters have been remarkably resilient post-pandemic. The sheer volume of reported volunteer hours has surpassed far beyond last year’s totals already. We are particularly proud of their constructive, supportive work and thank them for their enduring volunteerism. ‘Adaptations’ is the apt theme for next year’s Conference. It is our hope that you can join us then in late spring for popular plant topics and burgeoning concepts that keep our minds and passions growing. The upcoming year promises new blooms of memories for an organization so in love with nature.
The ripple effect of a founding organization like ours runs deep - generations of people from all walks of life discovering and rediscovering their joy for Florida native plants together. It is a cultural shift towards understanding our native plant heritage. And it is this that spurs our citizen science, policy and legislation, education, landscape, communications, conservation, and many other lines of outreach. FNPS is indeed a rare environmental nonprofit that provides such continuity in a changing world.
Native plants are the answer for native bees, birds, and biodiversity in their local regions - they provide nectar, pollen, seeds, and habitat for native butterflies, insects, birds, and other animals. They are a critical component for the entire food web, water conservation, as well as our own well-being. They have adapted beautifully to our native soils. Because of their value that is closely tied to our way of life, we press on with vigor for their cause to reach more people.

The Florida Native Plant Society has lived and breathed everything native plants for decades- it is a lifestyle that our staff, contractors, and board remain committed to. I count myself fortunate by the sustaining affection that has been extended by people such yourselves. It is because of your encouragement, we remain a constant presence in so many lives. I cherish the times I have spent with you, and many special moments in between. Above all, I am glad you remain in our community of supporters and conservers of native plants.

If you make your gift before December 31, 2022, the Society’s Board and Staff will match your contribution for up to $10,000 in donations. Your gift will support the Society’s mission and will leverage additional match funding. Please consider doubling your contribution.

We all live a life of service. It is this call to a higher purpose that unites us. We deserve a vibrant, strong, sustainable community for our future. Continual engagement with local communities about our land matters. You enable us to make a difference. Florida’s native plants are meant for you and me.

Thank You for Your Generosity
For Florida. For All.

The Florida Native Plant Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is registered as a charitable organization in Florida (Reg No. CH3021)


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