Edgar 'Gar' Reed, 1945-2021

Photo by Eileen Reed

The Suncoast Chapter lost a beloved former member in November - Gar Reed. Gar and his wife Eileen joined FNPS in 2012, and almost immediately, Gar raised his hand at a business meeting and volunteered to run for a board position. He then became our Treasurer, and he was a very good one. Gar and Eileen became active members. They took on managing an abandoned native garden at the University of Florida building on the Hillsborough Community College campus in Plant City. Gar also came on many field trips. We will remember Gar and Eileen joining some of our earliest chapter camping trips. Several years ago, Gar and Eileen moved to Bradenton, but until recently they maintained membership in our Suncoast Chapter.

Gar also served as the coordinator for our plant sales at the USF Botanical Gardens. He always ensured this important fundraiser was a success. We will miss his friendship, quick wit, dry humor, and his love of natural Florida.

Photo by Joel Jackson

by Virginia Overstreet


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