SB 82 - The Front Yard Veggie Garden Bill has passed

by Bonnie Basham, President of Sarracenia Chapter
Senate Bill 82, which prohibits local governments from regulating whether a homeowner can have a veggie, herb, or fruit garden in their front yard, has passed the legislature. All bills filed for consideration by the House and Senate, have unique folders which contain the history of that bill as it travels through the process. The front of SB 82’s folder will be signed by the House Speaker and Senate President and then presented to the Governor for his signature.

If the bill is signed and presented to the Governor by Saturday, May 4 the Governor will have 7 days to sign it, veto it or allow it to become law without his signature.

However, if the bill is signed by the presiding officers after May 4, the Governor will have 15 days to sign, veto or allow it to become law without his signature.

Because several hundred bills are passed the last 10 days of session, some bills may not reach the Governor’s desk until June 15. This is because the bills are sent to the Governor in groups of 50 or more pieces of legislation. So, sometime between now and June 15, the bill will become law and we will let you know when that happens. Please note, this bill only affects ordinances enacted by local governments. Condominium associations will still be allowed to prohibit these gardens within the condo associations boundaries.


Erin White said…
Does this apply to HOAs or just "local governments" such as the county or the city?
Erin White, this only applies to local governments. HOAs are free to continue to restrict front yard vegetable gardens.

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