SB 82 - The Front Yard Veggie Garden Bill has passed

by Bonnie Basham, President of Sarracenia Chapter
Senate Bill 82, which prohibits local governments from regulating whether a homeowner can have a veggie, herb, or fruit garden in their front yard, has passed the legislature. All bills filed for consideration by the House and Senate, have unique folders which contain the history of that bill as it travels through the process. The front of SB 82’s folder will be signed by the House Speaker and Senate President and then presented to the Governor for his signature.

If the bill is signed and presented to the Governor by Saturday, May 4 the Governor will have 7 days to sign it, veto it or allow it to become law without his signature.

However, if the bill is signed by the presiding officers after May 4, the Governor will have 15 days to sign, veto or allow it to become law without his signature.

Because several hundred bills are passed the last 10 days of session, some bills may not reach the Governor’s desk until June 15. This is because the bills are sent to the Governor in groups of 50 or more pieces of legislation. So, sometime between now and June 15, the bill will become law and we will let you know when that happens. Please note, this bill only affects ordinances enacted by local governments. Condominium associations will still be allowed to prohibit these gardens within the condo associations boundaries.


Erin White said…
Does this apply to HOAs or just "local governments" such as the county or the city?
Unknown said…
The bill has been signed by the Governor and is now law.
It becomes effective July 1.
While it does not cover HOAs it is a step in the right direction.
Bonnie Basham
president-elect FNPS
treasurer, FNPS
Unknown said…
This is a start in the right direction. With enough constituent pressure, it's probable HOA's could be added in the future.
Bonnie Basham
Treasurer, FNPS
President-elect FNPS
Nika said…
I would be interested to know, as well. Would love to tear out that front lawn.
Our President Elect, Bonnie Basham, is correct. The SB 7068 prevents divisions of government from regulating vegetable gardens in front of houses but, unfortunately, this doesn't have any effect on HOAs.
Unknown said…
actually it was SB 82 not 7068 but that's ok. I know our "administrator" is still reeling from the Governor's signature on 7068 - that terrible toll road bill. .

So.....starting today, you can tear out your front lawn and plant veggies, fruit trees and herbs. Any local government ordinance (city or county) cannot be enforced as to your having veggies, fruit trees or herbs in your front yard. The bill does not specifically name "natives" as a category so be careful about what you start out with.It's probably too hot now, but you can plan for that fall/winter garden now.

I'm not an attorney but depending on your local ordinance's definition of a "lawn" you might consider one of the several native groundcovers to replace your grass lawn.
Unknown said…
Yes, you can add veggies, fruit trees and herbs to your front yard without fear of having them ripped out by your local government. You could probably also plant some of the native ground covers as well to take the place of your lawn.
You should check on to see if your local government has a zoning code against vegetable gardens. In it you should be able to find the definition of "grass" or "ground cover." to make sure you could plant native ground covers.

The Villages Chapter has learned how to work within an HOA's planting guidelines so you might want to contact them about their success.

Actually it was SB 82 not 7068 but we can forgive our moderator who's still reeling - as we all are - over the Governor's signature on 7068 the toll roll bill.

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