Florida Anise disjunct population found in Putnam County by FNPS

Illicium floridanum is Florida Anise, which is documented in the FL Panhandle and further west along the Gulf Coast. 

Recently, the lovely flowering Florida Anise was found on private lands in Putnam county near the Rice Creek Conservation Area (map).  Acting on a tip from FNPS President Susan Carr, Mark Whitten (Botanist with the UF Herbarium and FNPS member, Paynes Prairie Chapter) collected a specimen to document this significant disjunct population!  
This just goes to show that there is a lot to learn about the distribution of our native plants!  Thanks Mark for documenting this range extension, and thanks to private landowners who love and care for their native plant habitats.  Maybe there are more Panhandle plants out there to find in North Central Florida!
Florida Anise on the FNPS plant guide and in the USF Plant Atlas


Misti said…
Wow, what a find! I saw the post on Instagram yesterday---this is really awesome!

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