Native Plant Art

by Valerie Anderson, staff

Pine lily (Lilium catesbaei) by Kara Driscoll
Florida native plants and ecosystems have long been appreciated and have been memorialized in media. Bartram's Travels document with words and in great detail the natural communities, flora, and fauna of Florida. The Highwaymen painted Florida's landscapes on found material and became legends in the process. Minna Fernald created beautiful watercolors of native plants around the time of WWII.

The native plant art scene is being reinvigorated. Longtime artists and FNPS members like Marjorie Shopshire and Cindy Liberton and photographers like Shirley Denton and Paul Rebmann are joined by Kara Driscoll and Mark Kateli. Kara is a fantastic artist, a hidden talent I wasn't aware of until Mark created the Florida Native Plant Art Group on Facebook.


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