Why do we care so much about Warea?

Clasping Warea is a Federally-Endangered plant. Our mission is to protect the native plants of Florida, and there are no plants that need protection more than ones that are on the endangered species list! 

We have been working since 2012 on monitoring Clasping Warea on the Warea Tract of the Seminole State Forest. Tarflower Chapter leads volunteer outings and hikes in this valuable property that is otherwise closed to the public. 

We also monitor three other sites with Clasping Warea within the rapidly developing Central Florida area. We have decided to take action to protect the largest population of Clasping Warea in Florida. It’s unprotected and could be developed at any time. 

We’re calling this place “The Warea Area” because there’s so much of it, plus, it rolls right off the tongue. View our photo album of this beautiful piece of real Florida here

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