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Goldenrods (Solidago spp)are important Florida natives
for attracting butterflies.
Giving at the Office

Workplace giving is a great way to support your favorite charity, and if you’re reading this blog post, I hope that means your favorite is the Florida Native Plant Society. As you know, the Society is very active in the conservation of nature in Florida. Of course our focus is on native plants and natural communities, but as they are the very building blocks of Florida’s ecosystems, your support of the Society is support for nature. And, there is no easier way to show your support than donating to the Society at the office.

As a member of the EarthShare Federation, the Florida Native Plant Society participates in multiple workplace giving campaigns throughout the state. If you happen to work for the state or for a company that offers payroll deduction options, you can choose to enroll in your employer’s workplace giving program. Just a pledge of a dollar or two per paycheck can have a huge impact on the Society’s work to protect Florida’s natural heritage and you will hardly notice it.

As you can imagine, the Florida State Employee Charitable Campaign is the largest that the Society participates in and the campaign is running now through November 1st 2013. So, if you are a state worker and haven’t enrolled in payroll deduction yet, please visit to make a pledge. From the main menu, you can go to the Charity Look-Up Tool and click on EarthShare. Scroll down through the organizations within the EarthShare federation and you will find the Florida Native Plant Society. It’s easy and it means so much.

We’re also involved in campaigns at: Ameriprise Financial; JPMorgan Chase; Accenture; UnitedHealth Group; Natural Body Spa and Shoppe; Entercom; the City of Orlando; and, Walmart. Some employers also match gifts, like American Express and UnitedHealth Group, doubling the bang for your buck. Even if your place of employment only offers United Way Campaigns or other payroll deduction programs that do not include EarthShare, you still can designate a gift to the Florida Native Plant Society using the write-in option.

Please consider designating the Florida Native Plant Society as your charity of choice in workplace giving and know that “giving at the office” is truly meaningful to nature protection in Florida.

Kellie Westervelt
Executive Director of FNPS

P.S. If you're reading this and are not a member of FNPS, join today to become part of our team. We need your ideas. 

Edited and posted by Ginny Stibolt
Butterfly photo by Ginny Stibolt


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