Florida is Fabulous in the Fall: Get out and enjoy it!

The zebra longwing is a fall favorite throughout the state.

Fall is THE best time to enjoy Florida's natural areas.

The weather is cooler, the mosquitoes are fewer, and there are plenty of plants and animals to see in the fall.

Visit a bunch of Florida's state parks this fall. Your use and support will help financially and it will also help the parks to make their case to the state that they are worth saving.  You'll be voting with your dollars. And you'll be in the midst of "The Real Florida!" What could be better?
Find an FNPS chapter near you and join it--TODAY!

FNPS Chapters

If you're not a Florida Native Plant Society member, now is a great time to find a chapter. Fall is the beginning of their programs and field trips. There are 37 chapters across the state. Find your local chapter on our website http://fnps.org/chapters

Many people appreciate the fine work our native plant society does for Florida and her ecosystems, but for some reason have not joined.  Now is the time to do so, because Florida needs you now.

The Mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.

Many FNPS chapters host native plant sales. There is always a plant sale at the conference.

FNPS members are knowledgeable and friendly.

Learn stuff!

Go on field trips to see some of the best parts of Florida.

Find hidden beauty in every ecosystem

Grow native plants in your own yard. Start with and easy-to-grow
blanket flower (Gaillardia pulchella).

Learn stuff at FNPS Chapter meetings and at conferences. Dr. Jaret Daniels is an excellent speaker.

Learn to identify invasive plants and participate in work days to remove
 them from wild lands and parks. This is coral ardisia (Ardisia crenata).
See the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council website for more info on invasives..

A field trip with botanist Gil Nelson is always educational!

Learn how to make a wreath!

So what are you waiting for?

Join FNPS and there is no better time than today. Then become an active member to really help Florida with boots-on-the-ground activities. http://fnps.org/participate/membershipinfo

Florida and her ecosystems will thank you!

 Posted by Ginny Stibolt, member since 2006!


Anonymous said…
Native plants rock!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful Blog! You have inspired me. I'm going out in the scrub at Jonathan Dickinson State Park in SE Florida and smelling the flowers. This is only one of the many State Parks in Florida with a variety of native habitats, native plants and great places to get in touch with nature. NOTE TOO: For the third year in a row Florida State Parks has been awarded the National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in the management of state park systems. Lets support our parks and get back to nature.

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