Hashing it out, Brady style

by Laurie Sheldon

If you've been reading our blog or following us on Facebook, you are probably aware of what I can only think to describe as either the Battle of the Blogs or Blogominoes. One blog fueled another, and another - from Washington to Michigan to Florida - and the dirty gardeners' fingernails came out... onto the keyboard.

No eyes were scratched out, and no one wore tights like a wrestler (that I know of), but the virtual tension was palpable, and the cross-blog commentary stunk like Black Cow. Rather than re-setting the scene, you can catch up to speed by checking out Taryn Evans' blog. Jeff Gillman (a Minnesota-based contributor to the "Garden Professors" blog) graciously responded to Taryn's post by inviting us to a video-conference using Google+ technology. This morning at 11:20 Eastern, 10:20 Central, 9:20 Mountain and 8:20 Pacific, a group of nine suprisingly sane people gave their typing skills a rest and discussed government requirements to install native plants in home landscapes. Unfortunately, Ginny's computer connection prohibited her from participating, despite numerous attempts to jump back into the "hangout" (that's Google+ lingo). Suddenly I was the Lone Ranger with no Tonto, but I think I held my own (I have 3 male brothers and no sisters, so I'm used to being outnumbered). Want to know how it went? Watch the video!


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