Live Blogging from FNPS in Plant City Part 1

 The 2012 FNPS Conference theme "Preserving the Natural Heart of Florida" and has this cool logo and you can purchase on a tee shirt.

The conference offers something for everyone.  Bunches of folks are out on field trips today. Tonight is the welcoming Social. Thesessions start tomorrow. More on them later.

You may register onsite for one or two days, plus there is an inexpensive homeowners' option for one session. More information here:
Twelve native plant vendors are unloading their great-looking plant this afternoon!

You do not need to register for the conference to purchase the plants.
Native plants are THE sustainable landscaping option.

Greg Krolczyk, manager of the FNPS online store (, is here with various logoed merchandise

On a tee shirt...
Live blog post by Ginny Stibolt


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