Live blogging from FNPS conference

Live from Plant City!
Jeff Klinkenberg, award winning Florida journalist, describes himself as a Charles Kuralt of Florida.
He is telling us tales of the "Real Florida."

Lisa Roberts of The Wildflower Foundation.

Prem Subrahmanyam will talk about Florida's native orchids on Saturda at 1:30pm
Meanwhile, he's selling some ofhis great orchid photos.

Homeowners: A special two-hour session with Michael Miller on how and why to install native landscapes.
You don't need to attend the whole conference to attend this special session just for you and just for $25!
After the session, he'll meet attendees outside amongst the native plants. 


Desert Dweller said…
Speaking of the "real" place / Fla, the special homeowners program, and someone out with the native plants for sale...brilliant! Every NPS should have each of those.
Well I can't take all of the credit, or any of it for that matter, but I'm with you on the wisdom of the setup!
Anonymous said…
Rock on, FNPS!! How I wish I was there!!

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