Live blogging from the 2012 FNPS conference.

The Saturday night social took place at Crystal Springs Preserve. As we walked to the entrance, we were urged to apply insect repellent and saturated wipes were handed out.

The learning center featured animal skins and a beautifully painted ceiling. 

The guides told us that unlike some of Florida's springs, this one doesn't have just one big vent, but instead has several sources of water in the area. No matter, the water is still crystal clear and the surrounding vegetation is beautiful.

A sandhill crane tends her eggs on a mud bank, while ibises and herons occupy another section of the stream bed.

A cabbage palm, before it starts growing vertically, looks like a rangey palmetto.

There is never enough time to talk to old friends.

A little added ambiance.

A delicious dinner was served in a screened pavillion.
After more talking out on the boardwalks. Sunday lots of attendees went on field trips around the area.
And so ends another fantastic Florida Native Plant Society conference.  Next year the Ixia chapter will host the conference in Jacksonville. Make your plans now.  It'll be great!

We hope you enjoyed the live blogging series from the conference. We will post more detailed pieces on individual presentations and and other conference topics in the next several weeks.
Ginny Stibolt. 


Jan Allyn said…
Both the Friday and Saturday night social event venues were superb. I can't wait until next year!
Jan Allyn said…
Both the Friday and Saturday night social event venues were fantastic. I can't wait for next year!
Cassundry said…
Crystal spring preserve is such a great spot. It is a treasure to behold.
Hi Laurie, Nice blogging. Something that we need to do to show others we are hip and current.

Ray Wunderlich III
Thanks, Ray! Actually, Ginny posted this one, but she and I are equally hip and current ;)

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