Doug Tallamy at FNPS

Dou Tallamy at the 2012 FNPS conference
in Plant City, Florida. 

Doug Tallamy, author of “Bringing Nature Home: What You can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants, is speaking to us this morning about the problem of isolation of habitats and what happens to wildlife populations, especially small ones.  He suggests that we restore all of the landscapes in between corridors. Use more plants, but any plant won’t do.  Choosing native plants makes all the difference for the insects.

Think about your yard as an opportunity to perform ecosystem services.

He showed us an impressive number of butterflies and their larvae. And most important… the plants that are needed to support them.  And insects support birds, toads, frogs, and the insect eaters support the higher predators.

Tallamy suggests that we reverse the “normal” landscaping so that there be turf only where you walk with bunching grasses, perennials, shrubs, and trees—both tall and understory species.

For more information see Tallamy's website:

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Bringing Nature Home: What You can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants


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