And we're off!

By Laurie Sheldon

After a day of travel, field trips, and an exceptionally well attended Board of Directors meeting, FNPS conference attendees headed over to the Red Rose Inn Ballroom, where they showed that, contrary to what you may have heard, they're not JUST about natives...

The room was buzzing with friendly conversation.
...they like cheese, fruit, crackers, drinks, socializing, and - most importantly - showing off their plant smarts! FNPS Jeopardy, a perennial favorite among members from across the state, was the featured entertainment, and believe you me - the stakes were high.

Setting up for the game. Do not try this move at home.
Well, sort of. Nevertheless, the competition was so fierce that we had two hosts officiating over the crowd of green-thumbed hand-raisers. Beat that, Alex Trebek! Although Ray Wunderlich did an outstanding job as scorekeeper, everyone was a winner as far as I was concerned. Perhaps that's why I felt the urge to blurt out one of the answers without raising my hand (oops)!

I'd like to buy a vowel. What do you mean, "wrong game?"
We concluded the evening with a guitar serenade, and wandered off to our respective rooms to get a good night's sleep before our first full day of speakers. This is my first time at an FNPS conference, so I'm very excited to be here in Plant City for it and to have the opportunity to share my experience with everyone out there.

More from me tomorrow. Until then, goodnight.


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