Invitations for Conference Week

Conference week is here! Online registration is closed, but you can still attend by signing up onsite in Maitland!

Space is available, and you can sign up right at the Sheraton Orlando North Hotel in Maitland, where the FNPS 31st Annual Conference will be held. You can come for one or both days of the speakers, programs and workshops that will be presented on Friday and Saturday. Plus the vendors, social events, author book signing, native plant sale and Serious Sessions of Plant Jeopardy add to the fun! Listen to Ginny's FNPS conference podcast

Our blog was just a few months old when the Conference began in 2010, but we jumped right in and provided Blogging LIVE, bringing the news and the excitement to folks couldn't be there. Well, Ginny jumped right in ... Sue was Missing In Action due to unavoidable conflicts. Wild horses couldn't keep her away this year, though, and we will both be Blogging LIVE, again, with extended coverage. You will hear about the speakers, the programs, the field trips and the social events, along with great photos, of course! 

Ginny & Sue  So you'll know who we are!

We invite you to please come on over and introduce yourself to us if you are there - just say howdy, or, even better, join the Blogging LIVE team!

In addition to the speakers - 40 of them! - many of the Florida Native Plant Society Committees will be giving presentations at the Conference. Anyone who wants to learn about the work of these committees is welcome to attend. This is a great way to find out what is happening in the Society, and also to see where you might enjoy contributing. 

Communications (that includes all the Social Media) will be at 3:15pm on Friday in the Pegasus Room. 

Hope to see you there!

Sue Dingwell & Ginny Stibolt


Hobo Botanist said…
You guys rock! What a great resource, and such good articles/issues. Thank you for your dedicated work, and I look forward to the live blogs.
Thank you so much!! We really love sharing ideas about native plants through the blog, and we LOVE to hear from all the people we know are out there reading it - 'cause Sitemeter tells us so! Hope I see you at the conference! sue
Anonymous said…
Do look forward to and enjoy your articles. Thanks for all the good information.
Ginny Stibolt said…
Please look us up at the conference.

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