Make a Move Now

Now is the time to introduce yourself to your state legislator. 

 Here is a message from an experienced environmental activist, Lorraine Margeson, who is setting an example for us all.

I just returned from an absolutely excellent meeting with my Senator Jack Latvala. We will have a good working relationship and will stay in touch as "things" come up.

He is chair of transportation for the senate AND is on the environmental committee.  Of course, he knew of me and my work for the environment with apparent warm regard. I urge EVERYONE who cares to schedule meetings with your particular legislators before Florida's legislative session begins in March. Get to know them NOW if you don't already have a relationship. It will count when the time comes.  I am scheduling a meeting with Representative Brandes today, we're just picking a date and time right now.

Their schedules are already filling up now thru the March session start date.........not a moment to waste.

Our goal in my mind is to DO NO HARM..don't expect advances re: environmental protections, but if we can stop really bad stuff, we'll have accomplished a lot!!   There's more hope to that opportunity than you think.  It's very difficult to make legislation when the rules that agencies DESIGN to enact legislation are on HOLD by the executive order of Governor Scott.  A lot of legislators don't realize that...YET.

You can use this link to find your Senator.......

You can find your representative on this web page, look at the toolbar upper left for the "find your representative" tab -

Lorraine Margeson
Pinellas Chapter FNPS
Audubon, National and Florida
Suncoast Shorebird Partnership


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