Green Boots for FNPS

Want to hike and earn money for FNPS? There's an app for that!

Green Boot Media is a new organization providing funding and publicity for non-profit environmental groups. They raise revenue from advertisers who pay to be featured on the ad stream that runs while you are walking.

FNPS is officially signed up, and we got our first exposure from Green Boot when they welcomed us on their Facebook page, with a link to us, which went out to all the other Green Boot members nationwide.

In Florida, The North Florida Land Trust, Tampa Bay Watch, Apalachacola Riverkeepers, the Conservation Trust for Florida, and the DuMond Conservancy are also using Green Boot.

You have to have an iPhone to use it so far, but we are hoping it will morph over soon. So if you do have an iPhone, go to the iTunes store where you can download the Green Boot app for free. If you have friends who have iPhones, ask them to do it, too; you do not have to been an FNPS member to get steps credited to us.

This is another avenue, like Good Shop, Good Search, where little efforts can add up to big things.

Whenever you are walking for a bit, whether it's outside or at the grocery store, start up your Green Boot pedometer, and enter our code, 1048. The more steps we have accrued, the more advertising we will get from them. Each month 15% of their proceeds are donated to the organizations that are walking with Green Boots on. More steps will equal more money. So let's get walking!

It's good for you, it's good for FNPS and it's good for the environment.

sue dingwell


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