Blogging LIVE from Tallahassee

On the way over to the social on Friday night...

The gathering on Friday night on the 22nd floor of the Capitol Building was filled with conversations of every type. Lots of networking! And then some of us participated in a session of native plant Jeopardy!

Kariena Veaudry, Executive Director of FNPS is excited about the first ever summit of native plant society's from all over the SE US on Friday. Gene Kelly, president of the FNPS board of directors, initiated this meeting to take advantage of our location in Tallahassee this year. Kariena will report back to us here with a summary of this important meeting. Just think of the larger voice that all these Native Plant Societies will have as a group.

Ginny Stibolt

Continue on to the next session of live blogging at the 30th Annual Conference.


Anonymous said…
I also am excited about the possibilities of this new coalition. So much more can be accomplished if we join forces. I so wish that I was there to enjoy it all!

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