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Conference Highlights: Burning and so much more...

FNPS Conference, Born to Burn: May 28 - 31 in TallahasseeLast day to register online is May 22. Onsite registration will open on May 27th.
(The online registration fee is $85/day. Onsite registration is $120/day.)   Born to Burn is our theme and we'll offer a good variety of presentations, workshops and panel discussions on the importance of fire for Florida's ecosystems.
Of course, we are offering field trips in Florida's Panhandle. Several still have openings on both Thursday and Sunday. (You must register for one day of the conference in order to participate in a field trip,)

But wait, there's more... 

3 social events: (Fees apply.)

- Thursday evening: Welcome to the Capital. Dinner on the 22nd floor of the capital building
- Friday evening: Dinner and optional boat ride at Wakulla Springs
- Saturday evening:  Dinner at Tall Timbers Research Center & Land Conservancy. a fitting end to the conference.

William Bartram (aka Mike Adams) will make an appearance at the …

F.N.P.S. President's Statement on Proposed Surplus Lands

April 12, 2015

Robert Beltran, Executive Director
Southwest Florida Water Management District
2379 Broad Street
Brooksville, Florida 34604-6899

Subject:  Comments on Proposal to Surplus District-held Conservation Lands

Dear Mr. Beltran:

The Florida Native Plant Society (Society) recognizes that the Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) is a critically important participant in Florida’s land conservation efforts. We hope you recognize the Society to be an especially supportive and engaged stakeholder given our regular participation on land management review teams, the assistance several of our local chapters have provided by conducting plant surveys on District lands, and the various other forms of support we have provided over the years.

We have evaluated the lands proposed for surplussing as part of the ongoing Biennial Assessment and disagree strongly with inclusion of a number of the parcels. The District has not shared any information on the assessment pr…