When Choosing Plants, Think Food Chain

Our own Loret T. Setters, an active member of our Pine Lily Chapter, has joined the great new group blog Wildlife Garden with her first post, When Choosing Plants, Think Food Chain.

When she participates in outreach programs, she usually collects interesting bugs and other critters from her yard to take with her.  She displays them in jars with their favorite food and proper humidity and they serve as conversation starters.  Later she releases them back into her yard.

At a recent event, someone remarked that not many folks could come up with eight different critters so quickly.  Well, she's planned her landscape so lots of bugs have access to their favorite foods. And if you want to invite birds to your yard, first you invite the bugs!

Read her post and follow her on Twitter.  She has a wonderful, chatty writing style and we're sure that folks all over the country are looking forward to her next set of observations.  Thanks Loret; you represent us well.


Loret said…
Thanks so much for the positive feedback and vote of confidence! Go natives!

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