Save the Date! for FNPS Annual Conference on May, 19-22, 2011

FNPS 31st Annual Conference will be held on  May, 19-22, 2011 in Maitland

Patios, Preserves and Public Spaces: Making Connections
Hosted by the Cuplet Fern, Lake Beautyberry, Pine Lily and Tarflower Chapters

Join us in May, 2011 for this exciting and comprehensive conference that connects Florida's natural values and conservation with the landscapes that we create in our personal and public environments.

Registration begins 01/01/11 with discounts offered to FNPS members.  Now's a good time to join as our chapters have started their programs for the season.  Then by the time May rolls around, you'll have a head start. 

See for a preliminary list of field trips, social activities and workshops.  The conference offers opporunities for sponsors and vendors. 

Hope to see you there!


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