GoodSearch Makes GoodSense!

It has come to our attention - please insert your own picture here of portentous figure banging shovel on desktop - that there are still people out there who don’t use GoodSearch!

Good grief!

You were shopping online anyway, right?
You know that your donation to FNPS will be cost-free to you, right?
You want to help FNPS educate the public, conserve and protect land, help our legislators craft wise laws, right?

OK. No more excuses. It’s so easy. I did a series of little mini-tests this morning. Because I am first among the guilty. Here is what I found.

My testing this morning included one PC and one Mac. On each of these, I discovered that after I had clicked the GoodSearch button on the FNPS homepage, the next time I entered GoodSearch in the address bar, the preference for FNPS as the charity of choice was persistent. It showed up automatically without my having to enter it again. This is important to me, one less thing to do.  (Now there's a link here on the blog as well.)

You can install a toolbar from GoodSearch to shop through. too.   However, we know that some you love your toolbar and don’t want to change it or add to it, yet do want the ease of fewer clicks when you go to use GoodSearch. So now you know that toolbar no-changers can:
  • enter Goodsearch through by clicking button on the right, or
  • enter GoodSearch once through using the badge to the right or the FNPS homepage, and then Bookmark GoodSearch in whatever way you prefer
Either of these ways will get you there with only two clicks and you will have FNPS already filled in.

If you crave one-click entrance and you are willing to add the GoodSearch toolbar, they make that really easy, too. Just go to . There are slightly different directions depending on what your computer/browser choice is, and if you are using Norton 360, it overrides the toolbar. But I promise you, they have made it easy to download. And yes, it is guaranteed, by them and by us, to be 100% spyware free. We also guarantee that if you want to download the toolbar, but can’t, we will give you personalized help!

Shopping through GoodSearch, gives another great benefit you might not know about. Serious coupons. Substantial discounts you either didn’t know about in stores, or that are available only online, will be yours for the taking. The list of stores that participate is practically all-encompassing, by the way. All the big names are there. GoodSearch shows you exactly how much money your purchase will earn for FNPS. The percentages vary, some stores give more than others. Barnes and Noble gives 4%. If you’re a book-lover, that adds up!

If you are interested in learning more about how GoodSearch works, where the money comes from, other organizations that use it, etc., they have an excellent FAQ on their homepage.

FNPS donations can come from anyone, you don’t have to be a member to donate.

Although if you aren’t a member, this is the perfect time to join. Only $35 to be a member of the GREENEST organization in Florida. The real green.

If we all got in the habit, we could earn real money for FNPS. The ASPCA has garnered more than $10,000. We could have funded more of the excellent research projects that were submitted to our grant program last year with this kind of money.

And it is just a habit, isn’t it?

Let’s all get in the habit of doing good. GoodSearch, that is!

sue dingwell


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